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The discreet, reliable choice
for discerning clients.

Est. 2945

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Alpha Citizen Logistics

Manpower  |  Equipment
 Firepower  |  Assurance

 Experience on-demand.

Some are born alphas.
Others are forged.

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who we are

Alpha Citizen is a network of alpha skill gamers, born or forged
i.e. 'Alphas'

1099 Alpha Citizens at IAE 2950 Expo
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what we conceived

We create a strong, supportive network of 1099 contractors
for-hire inside games like the crowdfunded PC space-sim game
Star Citizen

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Games are
where people of diverse backgrounds can come together, setting aside stressors and opinions of the real world
and work together in a positive environment
to create fun and friendship
across Earth's geographical borders

what we BELIEVE

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Alpha Citizen

has been growing renowned as the first choice

for discerning clients.

When will you contact us with your goals?


Get the results you desire,
without inflating your org’s regular payroll

how it began

"Have a network.

Build your brand.

Get paid"

…That’s the thought that started it all, back in 2945

Originally founded as
Alpha Citizen
Escort Service ®
- 1099 A.C.E.S. -
the first in-game corporation dedicated to fleet escorts in the galactic quadrant

1099 A.C.E.S became the first most trusted resource for Escort 'Service Beacons' in the Stanton System


Meet the Founders >

what it became

Alpha Citizen has evolved into the premier consulting source for hiring talented temporary contractors – the Alphas of their fields


our diverse skills

and occupations offer services beyond mere 'escorting'

We've grown into a network of services spanning logistics and fleet escorts to even
industrial resources and technology solutions - all with the discretion you desire in-game
and on Discord

who we seek

Recruiting top-talent in fields:






Clients and Contractors gain access to a network of services

Skilled 1099 Contractors for-hire
help Orgs and
Citizens in-need
while building their brand and monetizing their special skills & talents in the 'Verse

what we offer

Our highly-trained  experts provide you with

  • Assurance

  • Manpower

  • Firepower

  • Equipment

  • Intelligence

  • Results

Avoid concerns with secure Discord comms for your no obligation consultation with one of our available 1099 client specialists

"Big results require big ambitions"



someone call for backup?

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The Alpha Lifestyle

Stay connected.

Take more lucrative jobs.
Explore deeper into space.

Ace the opposition along the way.
Earn riches and reputation by the skill of your craft
Live like an

members around the world

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